Bike...what else? 'Bici...che altro?'

Economics of bike parking

A post on changing car parking to bike parking in Melbourne:

It may initially seem logical to conclude that if car users spend more, then public space should be dominated by car parking to attract more 'high spenders' to make the retail precinct successful and vibrant. However, the relative space efficiency of each mode needs to be considered…Each square metre of space allocated to cars reaps just $6 per hour in expenditure, whereas each square metre of space allocated to bikes reaps five times as much ($31 per hour).


Credit where it's due

People for Bikes on Making bicycling contagious

We think that bicycling doesn't get enough credit as a partial solution to the obesity epidemic. So much of the discussion on weight gain and loss centers around what and how much we eat, yet, obviously, a lack of physical activity is a also major cause of obesity. Biycling [sic] is a fantastic way to stay active for many reasons.


The Victorian Greens have a Bicycle Action Plan [thanks Nik Dow]

Quick (release) thinking

The perfect last-minute gift for this Molteni Campagnolo Girl. twitterer

Bike becomes trike

"Triblean" retrofit kit makes tricycles for grown-ups [Thanks tom]


Joe Friel offer his Top 10 Mistakes of Athletes:

Ride, kid, ride

Further to my recent proud parent announcement that the Co-Pilot is travelling under pedal power, Keith Snyder brings a far more eloquent post on the topic of kids and bikes.

Never again! Maybe…

After crashing her bike and breaking her collarbone, Gina Kolata's first reaction was a vow to never ride again.

Data analysis

"The first analysis of data from shared bicycle networks in Europe, reveals some surprising urban cycling patterns" including that cyclists pedal faster on Wednesdays.

The death of the fixie

Why the fixie trend should die now.

And here's another reason. :-) [thanks woowoowoo]

Sperm deformity

According to this report from Reuters, "men who bike at least five hours a week have fewer and less active sperm than men who didn't exercise, a study said".


But wait there's more, Lauren Wise at Boston University "also noted that it was possible that the men included in the study may not be representative of the general population, since they were all attending a fertility clinic and therefore more likely to have problems with their sperm". Ah, I think I see a confounding variable in their study.

Advice for cyclists considering a civil trial.

Minimal compliance

Cyclists find ways around safety helmet law [twitterer]

Dancing the pedals

Try that, hipsters. [twitterer]

Weight weenies

British Medical Journal study finds:

A lighter bicycle did not lead to a detectable difference in commuting time. Cyclists may find it more cost effective to reduce their own weight rather than to purchase a lighter bicycle.

You coulda knocked me over with a feather-weight brake lever…


Privilege and rights


To drive requires a licence - in law, a privilege. To ride a bicycle (just like walking) requires no licence - this makes it a right.

Walk and increase social capital

Science Daily reports:

On the whole, the more walkable neighborhoods scored higher on every measure of social capital than the less walkable neighborhoods…individuals in more walkable neighborhoods tended to have higher levels of trust and community involvement…Residents in the more walkable neighborhoods also reported being in good health and happy more often than those in the less walkable neighborhoods.


Smart girls ride bikes

Girls get a brain boost when they bike to school. [twitterer]

Regulate? Oh yeah?

Why regulating cyclists is unnecessary and harmful: "Why don't cyclists have compulsory licencing, training and insurance? Because it would be utterly pointless". [twitterer]

Well, it could be worse

Perspective [thanks flipsockgrrl]

Nothing new under the sun

Bike polo in The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 Sept 1898 and 6 May 1899:

Bicycle polo is now all the rage at the English music halls, where the game is played fast and furious on the stage by efficiently trained cyclists.

Oh, how I wish that I too were "efficiently trained"!

Sing, sing, sing

The Age on slow cycling: "Secondary school teacher Sue Tyrie believes if she cannot sing while she cycles to and from work, she is riding too fast." [twitterer]

Pointless distinctions

Are you a *Real* Cyclist?


Putting the "Mountain" into Mountain Biking

Colin Stewart - All Mountain riding like you've never seen it!.



Not surprised about the weight thing - once you get going, its more about wind resistance and road friction. If anything, a heavier bike is going to get thrown about by wind a lot less, perhaps making it more desirable.