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100 cars, 12 months, 69 crashes

29 June 2006
A unique naturalistic study into driving behaviour found that in a year, 100 cars were involved in 82 crashes, 761 near-crashes, and 8295 incidents.

101 days on the bike

09 February 2009
No, I haven't literally spent 101 entire days on the bike, but I have done a ride per day on each of the last 101 days.

11 ways to get cycling fit

09 February 2007
For a cycling commuter, riding fitness is being able to get to work and back easily, plus having a bit left in reserve.

2008: one good ride already

02 January 2008
The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, but an almost total lack of planning led to a pretty good New Year's Day family ride for us this year.

3 tips for your first long bike ride

22 June 2011
Let's talk about preparing for a long bike ride. Specifically, your first "long" ride. That is, the first time you consider a previously unimaginable distance and say, "I reckon I could do that."

A big blue anonymous cage

15 October 2009
It's one thing to install a secure public bike cage. But you've got to tell people about it as well.

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