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It's not about performance anymore

The Get Dirty video. [twitterer]

Bike-shaped object

"Coles are selling bikes, & no one display model is built correctly." Here's @simonnix's favourite example.


181 Free Articles About Bicycle Touring.

Melbourne, on wheels

Melbourne City Bicycle Rider:

This is a site about cycling in the City of Melbourne. We believe that the benefits of cycling as part of the transport mix are not being fully realised because of poor public policy. Not only are there benefits to riders (better health; faster, more convenient transport; lower cost) but there are major benefits to the City that are not being realised (less congested roads and public transport; less air pollution; lower carbon emissions; lower public health costs; quieter, safer roads and a more pleasant public realm).

Also appears to be the new home of the Bike Fun calendar. [twitterer]

Putting a (skid) lid on bike share

Fewer than 70 trips are being made a day on Melbourne's 600-bike system and yet thousands register for London's bike hire scheme. The main difference? Helmet laws.

Just think, it it could be as good as this. [twitterer]

High viz, high fashion

Karl Lagerfeld may have just accepted that if it's a high viz vest "it's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything", but I reckon these guys are making high viz jerseys at least a little less dorky with their Traffic Master Jersey. Informative too.

Slow down

The SMH reports:

Suburban streets could become like 24-hour school zones under a City of Sydney plan to make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians by dropping the speed limit to 40km/h.

And the NRMA's response?

"Dropping the speed limit to 40km/h on these roads could make an already congested road network even less efficient, while doing little to encourage more cycling," a spokesman said.

Bollocks. Who the hell drives at over 40km/h in congested conditions. A total non-argument.

Go wide

How to pass a cyclist&utm_content=Twitter "Video: How To Pass A Cyclist | Biking Toronto"): good passes, bad passes, and downright intimidation.

Drivers, take Dave Moulton's advice: "just go around me and stop making such a big fuss".


It's not you, it's me

Divorcing my almost NEW Giant XTC 2—it gets ugly when there's a break-up: "even though we were only together for less than a year, you let me ride you maybe 10 times!" (Includes naked pictures!) [twitterer]


Galérie de Défago. MTB. Switzerland. Sheer drop. Yeah.




That's close

If a bicycle accidentally leaves the road, the cyclist falls off. If a car accidentally leaves the road, something like this happens. [twitterer]

Design ideas

Getting the picture

guardian.co.uk samples the London Transport Museum's illustration competition.

Pogan walks

NY Daily News reports:

It was the shove seen 'round the Internet - yet the rookie NYPD cop who lied about pushing a Critical Mass cyclist to the ground is getting off with no jail time.

Let's not be under any illusions here though—this sentencing was about the false report not directly about the shoulder charge, of which he was already cleared.

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Royal Mail fears letters are too heavy for bicycles [twitterer]

Into the mountains

The 1910 Challenge: recreating the first mountains stage of the Tour de France—all 326km and 6000m of it.

The start of something big?

Uh-oh. I sense the start of a disturbing new trend [NSFW]. [twitterer]

Is it going to be warm enough for this sort of behaviour at Geelong in September?