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Go anywhere machine

Rant of the month is by HG for his recent post on getting a [sense of e][] back into MTB:

I see my mountain bike as my go-anywhere machine. Singletrack, roads, firetrails, 4WD tracks, up hills, down hills, over boulders, through creeks, snow, sun or rain. Sure, I might need to walk or even carry my bike for some bits, but I don't want my ride to be restricted by the confines of a bunch of signs pointing me towards the next bit of track.


Go anywhere daydream

10 places to ride your bike before you die [twitterer]

Beach Road

Video: Beach Road Legs

Spoken for

29 inches, 36 Spokes… That's how I roll!

The Wacky Races: Official Rules

It's Not A Race. Wow, on the folding bike I can bump my [Food Chain r][] up to a very defendable 12! That's a comfy place in the peloton of plonkers.

Forester reviews

John Forester reviews 'Cycling and Society' [PDF] [via chainguard]

Ride to school day

Cycling or Walking to School Will Not Be Tolerated! [via chainguard]


The Holy Grail of bike-cams? X170 review

Geek Speak

Wow your friends with your inside knowledge of Tour de France speak:

Yes, you too can sound like a complete cycling dork just by carefully studying and memorizing the most commonly used words and phrases in the sport of competitive cycling


I don't get it

The BILF shirt: "If you don't get it, then this shirt is probably not for you or anyone you know." [twitterer]

Doom or Possibility

Which Cycling Politics: Doom or Possibility?:

Because cycling is not very risky. The average bicyclist - and this includes all those ones who ride in a less-than-competent manner - will travel about 4 million hours before experiencing a fatal crash. That is equal to 456 years of non-stop cycling. Cyclists who follow the basic rules of the road will travel significantly farther before a fatal crash. But we focus way too much on these rare crashes, instead of on the hundreds of millions of miles cyclists travel every year without incident.

A fair observation

Of all the potentially dangerous things you are legally allowed to do riding your bike without a helmet is not one of them. Why?


Cycling should be dull, not an extreme sport.

Employers benefit

Life Cycle UK provides a guide for Cycle Friendly Employers:

Cycling offers real benefits to employers such as freeing up valuable land for development, creating a healthier workforce, helping staff get to work more reliably, as well as helping the more general business climate through reducing congestion and pollution.

Yeah, what he said


And two rights, one wrong?

Clean it

Fold it

Is a bike with collapsing wheels really a good idea? Gizmodo says no.

Map it

Sail it

This Bike is a Boat, Lady. [via Bikejuju]


Special facilities

Real bikes for real people

Bikes For The Rest Of Us:

Sometimes I wish Greg Lemond never won the Tour de France in 1986…bike shops across the country began putting aside their single speeds, 3-speeds and cruisers to make room for expensive, lightweight, "high-end" racing bikes. In other words, bike shops lost interest in selling regular bikes to regular people.

Shweeet cruiser


Zeth is our star pick this season…a formidable machine that is inspired by the fluid expressions of kinetic sculptures, as well as the shadowy artworks portrayed of Gotham City. It is also nicknamed 'Dark Knight' โ€“ to capture a fantastical experience of roaming the streets on a modern iron horse.

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"Wow your friends with your inside knowledge of Tour de France speak"


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