Melbourne commuter cyclist woowoowoo has opined that a bike basket is an effective theft deterrent—what self-respecting bike thief is going to pinch a bike with a daggy basket dangling off the handlebars?

Of course, baskets are also useful for carrying stuff, and it's to that end that some local cyclists have hacked up some handy rack-top baskets.

The standard is the good ol' milk crate—simply add a bungy strap and you're away:

But how about this innovation? The supermarket basket firmly mounted with a length of rope (which was probably hanging around in the shed or in the back of a cupboard) has the advantage of being a narrower and lower profile, and has a flatter bottom that sits nicely on the rack:

Of course, some people take their hacks a bit more seriously, showing signs of true craftsmanship. As a case-in-point, take this adjusted milk crate held firmly in place by some metal hose clamps. Note the trimmed front (presumably to eliminate butt-rub) and the edges rolled over with some lengths of garden hose. Nice work:


Jazz Aloofa Skywalker

i can dig it man i use a low profile coke crate on the back of my dirt bike to hual tools to maintain the trails around here ive haul long handled things like rakes and digging tools in it cause of its long slender design milk crates are the most usable thing on earth im useing on as a table right now ive recently became a milk crate junkie im hooked on them and love everything abvout them they are the perfect storage object on earth who cares if its illegal to own them every needs at least 10 of them


John the Monkey

I used to see a stealthy black rufty tufty mountain bike (the sort that would have the name "TRAIL BASTARD", or something) with a pink Barbie basket on the front every now and then. I'm assuming that was a theft deterrent, or some sort of knowingly ironic statement.

Treadly and Me

Why, thank you.

The basket/handlebar of which you speak is this: Bike Handlebars With Built-In Basket, which was on my Twitter feed and will show up again in the next speedlink post. And I think you're right—that might just make for a more attractive target.


another excellent post ;-) was it via your blog I saw a fantastic integrated basket/handlebar? - probably only a prototype, but it looked way cool. I am convinced it would go against my rule and would make the bike a more desirable target. I just wish I could remember where I saw it.