Secure Parking

"Please do not chain your bicycle cement mixer to the railing"
(Inspired by this one.)


DIY bike porn

How to get a tasty selection of pics of your bike.

Build you own recumbent (no welding!)

Cruzbike has developed a convertion kit to turn a dual suspension mountain bike into a front-wheel drive 'bent.

And it's fully reversible and transferable to another bike. Hmm, tempting…


Auckland commuter challenge

In the recent "Go By Bike Day" commuter challenge, Auckland bike commuters won three of four "races" into the city:

The exception was cyclist Jo Pitts, who had to twiddle his thumbs waiting for a 15-minute ferry ride from Birkenhead while occupants of a car and a bus were able to use Auckland Harbour Bridge to beat him to Aotea Square by three and eight minutes respectively.

Mr Pitts, a regular cycling commuter to central Auckland, believed he would have had a good chance of winning the race had he been allowed to pedal over the bridge.

There are plenty of "buts", but…

How To Ride Your Bike To Work answers the "buts" and talks about the good stuff:

Riding your bike will bring you many benefits: you will be stronger, look better and save a lot of money on gas. I like to fantasize that each and every one of the people I pass stuck in traffic secretly yearns to be with me swiftly riding past them on my way to and from work.

City cycling

How to survive in New York City on a bike. …When in danger, children and dogs run to their parent/owner. Don't cross the invisible line between them…

Meanwhile in Istanbul, cyclists contend with flooded cycle paths, barbecues, trees, bushes, and garbage bins in cycle areas, and lack of bicycle parking. But it's not all bad…