So, cycling is replacing golf as the power-networker's sport of choice? At least, that's what the AFR claimed today in an article by Mathew Dunckley. Apparently all across Melbourne "city professionals", executives and heavy-hitters are trading in their goofy plus-fours, argyle socks and ridiculous hats for ... umm, lurid lycra and skid-lids.

This is good news for plonkers like me - I've managed to miss my "annual" game of golf for the last ten years running.

The article names CEOs John McFarlane (ANZ), Chip Goodyear (BHP Billiton), John Stewart (NAB), and Chris Corrigan (Patrick) among those regularly to be seen cranking their way around town of a weekend. Apparently there's a real middle-age trend to the pedals as bodies start to get a bit too rickety for jogging.

Mind you, with John Kennedy saying in the article that you need to spend at least $3500 to get a decent bike maybe golf is the cheaper option? A quick look over at gBay indicates that you should be able to set yourself up with a set of whacky-sticks for about a grand - but I suspect this isn't an apples-with-apples comparison here.

Hmm, no I think I'd still prefer to ride anyway...

Overall, it's a good positive article although there's a sting in the tail where it gets onto "tension on the roads between cyclists and motorists".