It was back to the commute route today - and what a day to make my return! I hesitate to use the word "perfect" but it wasn't far from it: sun out but not burning, temperature neither hot nor humid, and the wind all but absent.

And still being the Silly Season, the trails were nearly deserted too. Having not been along here in months, I did feel a bit like a fair-weather cyclist or (worse) a New Year's Resolutionist but I don't think I saw any of the regular commuters, so I guess that's OK!

I was pleased to find that even lacking cycling fitness I was able to chug along at a decent clip and really enjoy the ride. Not much could dent my mood - not even the shameful state of the ramps on the Yarra Trail (which I'm sure I'll complain about at a later date) nor the headwind on the return journey this evening.

The return leg required a bit of a detour to take in dinner at Casa di Nonna (I wonder if it's impolite to suggest that I don't really need a steaming bowl of pasta the moment I hop off the saddle?) but the bit of extra distance was no trouble. I reckon walking is no real substitute for riding, but I must have done enough of it over the last few months to keep a certain amount of leg strength and aerobic condition.

May there be many, many more riding days like this in 2006!