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Subtle signs of Spring

01 September 2015
I'm not saying you can't notice the arrival of Spring through a car windscreen, it's just that only a huge change in the weather impresses you.

Another look at my lighting rig

15 July 2015
Now that most of my lights are compact, high-intensity burners that charge through a USB plug, it's looks like I'm not going to be doing too much after-dark Audax riding this winter…

This is why

06 July 2015
Bikes are such a part of my every day that I don't often stop to think about why.

Nine bike lighting mistakes

10 April 2015

I have no data on this but also pretty much no doubt that the week after daylight saving ends is a good week for bike light sales.

Tour de Breakfast 2013

16 October 2013

For the longest time I tended to greet Ride2Work day with a yawn and shrug: it's really not much of a big deal when every day is ride to work day. But then I heard about the Tour de Breakfast, where the idea is to hit as many community breakfasts as you can between opening and closing—and try not to be late for work in the process. Suddenly Ride2Work day got interesting.

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