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This is why

06 July 2015
Bikes are such a part of my every day that I don't often stop to think about why.

Nine bike lighting mistakes

10 April 2015

I have no data on this but also pretty much no doubt that the week after daylight saving ends is a good week for bike light sales.

Bike Shorts 29 December 2012

22 December 2012

"The apparent mindlessness of pedalling can not only make us happier…but also leave room for other thoughts, from the banal to the profound." —Simon Usborne in The Guardian

Huffy's biggest sin: ugliness

17 July 2012

I never used to be too concerned about Bike Shaped Objects. I mean, when it comes down to it, a bike is a bike. Of course some bikes are better than others, but underneath it all they are all bikes. And bikes are cool, right?

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