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Bike Shorts 3 July 2009

03 July 2009

"An hour spent gardening is more likely to result in injury than the same time spent cycling. So remember, next time you step outside to clip the hedge, beware of the risks you are running!" --CTC's policy coordinator Chris Peck

Bike Shorts 16 September 2008

16 September 2008

"You could give me statistics out the wazoo about bike safety, but the only thing that really made a difference was getting some positive cycling experiences." --Julie White

Bike Shorts 30 July 2008

30 July 2008

"Within societies of mass automobility, bicycles are often regarded as a children's toy, a middle-class sports fad, or a form of transport for those who are too poor to drive. Within less that three generations, cultures of everyday or utility cycling disappeared. Those who continued to cycle are often regarded with suspicion."--Adrian, Yellow Brick Road.

Bike Shorts 25 July 2008

25 July 2008

"The premise that cyclists' behavior somehow voids their right to sharing the road is indefensible at face value. 'Well officer I thought it was OK to hit this cyclists because several blocks back I saw another run a red light' is not something anyone could defend." --TheWashCycle

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