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The winter of my discontent

01 July 2011

Health-wise, it's been a good day: no backache, no abdominal pain, no headache. So far so good. Now I suppose I should get out of bed.

Messengers need mountain bikes

10 March 2011

Bike messengers need to jump on the MTB bandwagon, not just for their "strength and comfort" but also because they "beat bad roads and bad traffic".

That infernal, internal iPod

25 March 2010

When you have a short attention span, a 200k brevet or even a quick ride to work provides plenty of opportunity for the mind to wander--and stick all manner of unwelcome tunes in your head.

101 days on the bike

09 February 2009

No, I haven't literally spent 101 entire days on the bike, but I have done a ride per day on each of the last 101 days.

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