I love MTB. I think it's heaps of fun and I admire those who do it really well. Oh yeah, I watch the videos. I read the magazines. I have the gear.

I am, however, the world's worst MTB rider.

No further proof required than this obstacle I tackled this morning:

A small branch fallen across a pathway. No obstacle is too small for me to crash on.

Yep, a not-so-chunky fallen branch lying across the path, just tempting me to demonstrate my rad skillz. Hell, I've seen 8-year-olds bump over logs like this as if it were a twig. Shouldn't be a problem.

Fortunately, where my MTB skills are entirely lacking, my falling over skills are right up to scratch. I executed a perfect frontal dismount in the "oh shit!" position, finishing off with a smooth "I hope no one was watching" twist.

Indeed, I do suck at MTB. But one doesn't improve without practice, so you've no idea how devastated I was to find on my way home that the parks and gardens crew had been through and chopped up my favourite new obstacle. What a total lack of consideration for the local MTB numpty!



I lol'd.

Treadly and Me

Thanks. I'll be here all week. Try the beef.



Had to chuckle too! :)

David F

Boo! They'll try and wrap you in cotton wool and then complain when you can't do a 360 flip and land on two wheels!

Happy safe path riding.