First person view of a mountain bike race in urban Chile from u.mass2001 on Vimeo.


Amsterdam traffic 1900-1930: "Cycling videographer Mark Wagenbuur has released another doozy. His video shows traffic in early 20th century Amsterdam, with — you guessed it — a focus on bicycles." [thanks tom]


downtownfrombehind=shots of New Yorkers riding around their town, taken from behind. Why from behind? Presumably because cyclists have such cute arses. [via, thanks tom]

Sign o' the times

Bicycles as shop signs [thanks tom]

Low Flying

The StreetFlyer is apparently like hang-gliding on three-wheels. It looks like a whole heap of fun, but I cant't see myself riding to work on that. Apart from anything else, where the hell would I park it?

While we're getting prone, check out the EX tricycle—another beastie that looks like heaps of fun. [via DVICE, thanks tom]


Not in my front yard

Wall Street Journal reports that residents of a Chicago suburb are (I kid you not) opposing the installation of sidewalks:

Claude Pagacz, a retired carpenter and longtime resident, successfully opposed sidewalks on his side of the street. "What concrete adds to the value of my house," he says, "I have no idea."

I'd have thought it adds considerably by connecting to the strip of concrete in front of his neighbours' houses and so on down the street. [twitterer]

Helpful tip from the police

Get your bicycles off the open road. Gee, thanks for the advice.

Better advice

How to get your bike stolen.


Running the numbers

More bicycles than cars will cross central London's bridges every morning peak

What I missed this morning

NYC bike lane stoush

I really don't want to talk about it, but here are some links:


The whole New York City brouhaha could be a case of bikelash.


Designing roads with bikes in mind

Getting it together

A report from NZ Transport Agency says "The integration of cycling and public transport (cycle-PT) can provide additional transport modal choice and flexibility in the use of existing public transport and also increase cycling trips and transit patronage".

Slo-ow do-own

Won't someone think if the children?

BBC News reports:

Children are campaigning for drivers to slow down, as a survey suggests almost one in eight of Welsh nine to 13-year-olds have been hit by vehicles.

Wow, those are pretty shitty odds, if you ask me. [twitterer]


Letting kids ride to school doesn't make you a bad parent. Funny, I never thought it did… [twitterer]

Moreover, University of Melbourne urban planning expert Carolyn Whitzman reckons that "for children, independent mobility is not only vital to physical and emotional development. Being able to walk or cycle to school, friends' houses, parks and shops without an adult is crucial to a sense of citizenship".

And there's still hope! [twitterer]

Important cargo

Carrying children on bikes [twitterer]

Bike lane, not riding in

magnatom argues that "Those who haven't cycled before on urban roads…don't understand why a cyclist might take the middle of the lane, might get annoyed at a car passing within a foot, or might filter to the front of the queue."

Those were the days "Tyneside, 1951: when a bicycle tunnel was built before a car tunnel".

THE list

Without a doubt @londoncyclist produces the definitive list of top cycling blogs.

Bike pr0n


Check out the video on the British Pedal Car Grand Prix—never before have recumbents had such crowds cheering them on.


Elly Blue on Tearing down urban freeways to make room for a new bicycle economy.


BikeRadar asks: Do Cycling And Vegetarianism Mix?

Did someone mention Oppy T-shirts?

@gusk observes "Wow, and who knew they named a derailleur after sir Hubert Opperman" Cyclo Oppy derailleur


If my gym had one of these, I would be in a whole lot better shape. [via woowoowoo]


Cycling Jerseys Meet British Tailoring. Yeah, no.

Old age?

Glamp-down on cyclosportives

Cyclosportives are the glamping of amateur cycling – but there is an alternative:

…paying attention to your surroundings and direction are important skills when riding CTC and audax rides, though not always needed as you can usually sit in with a group of other riders who know the way. And if you get lost, at least you get lost together. By contrast, the fluorescent arrows that indicate every turn on the route of the cyclosportive infantalise the experience of long distance riding in the open country.

Taste crap and rot your teeth

ABC news reports that "Sports drinks are increasingly damaging the teeth of professional and recreational athletes, one of Australia's top sports dentists has warned."

As for so-called 'health' drinks, "They're big business, but not all consumers seem to be aware that some contain more sugar than a bottle of coke".



Bike Fit – Is It Worth It?


The Moulton TSR2: It's fun, it's orange, it goes like the clappers.

Skid lids

Prof Chris Rissel on ditching bike helmets laws better for health.


  • kimbofo reviews 'The Rider' by Tim Krabbé: "If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be stuck in a peloton, or climbing ever so slowly up a massive mountain, or leading the sprint on a bike, then The Rider will let you experience it. And the best bit? Your heart will race, but you won't even have to crack a sweat."
  • The Green Bicycle Murder [twitterer]


Ajiro - "Naturally grown urban personal mobility" (or bamboo recumbent, to you and me).

Public service

No one can steal it, everyone can use it. Bike pump! [thanks woowoowoo]


Article in Environmental Health Perspectives: Do the Health Benefits of Cycling Outweigh the Risks?

Conclusions: On average, the estimated health benefits of cycling were substantially larger than the risks relative to car driving for individuals shifting their mode of transport.


Of course, the car is essential [twitterer]

Or perhaps not.

Scientists At EADS Make It Possible To Own A Custom-made Printable Bike [thanks tom]


Darren Alff

This is an incredible list of awesome cycling related articles and information. Thank you! And thanks even more for mentioning The Bicycle Traveler's Blueprint. Very cool of you!