Weather (or not)

There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing…—advice directed at racers, but applicable to anyone who wants to keep riding all year round.

Bike share as public transport?

James May is concerned about bike share:

…being yoked to the rack system, the bicycle, this ultimate symbol of mobility and freedom for the masses, effectively becomes public transport: it doesn't leave from precisely where you are and doesn't arrive at exactly where you want to be. Unless you work as a bicycle rack attendant, the very point of the bicycle is somewhat defeated.



Speaking of bike share, I'm off to get me one of those helmets—bright blue and with a big "Melbourne" banner down the side. Ace! Likely to be cool in an ironic way for about 5 minutes.


Stamp stamp

Stamp Collecting: brevet stamps as mementos of past rides. We don't seem to have the tradition for brevet stamps in Australia, which is a bit of a pity really.


Garmin Edge 800 In Depth First Look Review Want. Now. [twitterer]

Roll out the Astroturf

Roadjustice.ca, for poor beleagured motorists.

Gadgets and Gear

Don't give 'em ideas

Airbag helmet? [twitterer]



A truly re-cycled fence.

Component dating

Date of manufacture of bicycle components can be used to date a bike.

The crime of female cycling

Iranian Police Chief Targets Women Cyclists, Roller-Skaters [via Wend Blog]


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