Everyday cycling

I see 30 Days of Biking is back on in September. Ride a bike on 30 consecutive days. C'mon, let's do it! It'll be fun.

The smell of burning fat (1)

The myth of 'The Fat-Burning Zone':

Some argue that prolonged, moderate-intensity exercise in the "fat-burning zone" is best. Others argue that high-intensity interval training is the best way to shed excess body fat. The truth is, both types of exercise are effective for fat-burning, and a program that combines the two is likely to be more effective than one based on either type alone.

Hmm, what about a program involving neither and heaps of donuts?

The smell of burning fat (2)

AAP reports:

Rising levels of obesity in Australia is putting extra pressure on emergency doctors and other hospital staff.

A review of patients arriving at a Melbourne hospital's emergency ward has found almost 60 per cent were overweight or obese, posing an array of extra challenges to those providing medical care.

Welcome to the chubby country.

The smell of burning fat (3)

'This one runs on fat & saves you money'

Everyone's talking bike share

Debate resurrected

We've had compulsory bicycle helmet laws for ages in Australia, and (for better or worse) debate on the topic doesn't usually raise much interest. So you can't help but connect the renewed local interest in bike helmet laws with the introduction of bike share in Melbourne:


What's In Your Toolbox?

Fixed and fenderless

While watching a handsome couple on a handsome couple of single cog bikes the other day, I found myself wondering this way: I understand the simple, minimalist beauty of the single cog but given that lots of people seem to ride them as much for style, why don't you often see mudguards on a street fixie/single speed? I mean you can get some very stylish ones and in Melbourne at any time of year, you want to protect your tweeds from road gunk.

Cunning plan

An Australian Vision for Active Transport (PDF, 4M) Now, if only there were an Australian government to present it to…


Lunartic Cycle:

A bike that's got a really unique combination of different wheel sizes, a toothed belt drive and hub less rear wheel! The USP being the gyroscopic effect of a large wheel aiding speed and more road-surface contact adding stability. The small front wheel saves space and enhances maneuverability.


[Thanks tom]

Chics and bikes

Elle magazine gets into cycling, chic of course. [twitterer]


On a loosely related topic, Pedal Panties Bicycle Lingerie "is a fashionable pantie for women who want to feel as good as they look when they ride."

Old news

None of that really qualifies as "news", does it?

Making space

Artists Make DIY Bike Lane Along Helsinki Thoroughfare [Thanks tom]


"La Vuelta Puerto Rico is the ultimate cycling adventure for serious endurance athletes. Circumnavigate the entire island as part of a fast-paced international peloton on this fully supported, three-day, 375-mile journey."

Day-dreaming again

The world's best cycling routes: Isle of Wight, Tassie, France, Cuba, NZ…

The Young American

Get out of the Car: A change in US driving patterns:

Statistical evidence recently released in America indicates that young people are driving less and fewer own a car.

Young people are opting to catch public transport and Richard Florida believes that this shift away from driving is a positive sign of innovative change.

Here's Florida's article that prompted this discussion, and the Advertising Age article that he refers to.

Just to labour the point, Florida clearly has a bit of a thing about commuting (by car, presumably). For example, see:

I bet he gets at least a metre

Photo: A cyberpunk on a bicycle. [via Doobybrain.com, twitterer]


This Strada velomobile is A Vision in Purple.

Very laidback

Bike Race-640


Streetsblog.net reports Texas judge deems cyclist guilty for riding on the road. Biz-arre.

Tough viewing

Compilation of road safety videos—some of it actual footage, some of it made-for-TV community service announcements—all of it pretty real. [twitterer]

Someone you know and like rides a bike

This public awareness campaign looks good: You Know Me, I Ride a Bike. [via Cyclelicious]

I've often wondered about the possibilities of pointing out that just about every driver must know and like someone who rides a bike.

Random human interaction

One more reason to ride a bike.


Urban design

Reinventing the City to Combat Climate Change

Duh, is it a pizza shop?

This Bike Shop Sign Ain't Subtle [thanks Flipsockgrrl and tom]

Monster truck justice (1)

Bike stolen poster advises thief "I hope my bike takes you straight to hell" [twitterer]

Monster truck justice (2)

Carlton Reid observes that "If cyclists detonated on impact, motorists would no longer have any trouble spotting them up ahead and would give them the sort of road space they deserve." Therefore he suggests clubbing together to buy a Caterpillar 797 monster mining truck.

Ride like a pirate day

This pirate ship bakfiets reminded me of the ol' boat bakfiets. [twitterer]

Tow 'em away

Copenhagen's Bicycle Butlers: Park Illegally and get your chain oiled and tires pumped. So civilised.


Richard Masoner

I like your donut plan. You should write the Donut Diet Book, but I suspect it's already been done.

Treadly and Me

Yeah, I reckon most people don't need much guidance in respect of the donut plan.