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Read of the week

The Cycling Lawyer on cycling against the car culture.

The law is an ass

Legal system condemned by public opinion. More at Wheels of Justice.

30 days

Are you doing 30 Days of Biking in April?

Cycling in Melbourne is so good

Nik Dow gets ranty about the current state of cycling in Melbourne.

Beware of Spyclists

Spyclists: how Hitler Youth's cycling tours caused panic in prewar Britain. Lord Baden-Powell, you old fruit:

"I had a long talk with the ambassador [Ribbentrop] who was very insistent that the true peace between the two nations will depend on the youth being brought up on friendly terms together in forgetfulness of past differences…"


Calculate it

By the Numbers: My Financial and Environmental Impact of Commuting by Bicycle

The bike as economic unit

Here's an idea: the next time you hear some ridiculously large monetary figure ask "How much is that in bicycles?"

Hmmm… \<eyes roll>

Dutch women 'enjoy' cycling—I'm sure there was an older video almost identical to this.


New Bike Share System in Copenhagen:

The Zurich based architect and designer Rafael Schmidt submitted this new bike sharing system to a competition which was organised within last year's International Climate Conference in Copenhagen. The system involves a comprehensive architectural intervention into the urban centre.

Neat and tidy, but I can't see any local authority allowing those little bumps and gooves in public pavement like that—major tripping hazard! [thanks woowoowoo]

Re-inventing the foot

A One of a Kind Walking, Biking School Opens in Canada:

a newly opened elementary school in Ontario is heralded as the nation's first school that requires nearly all of its students to get to and from school using their own two feet.



TfL's The Bank Job video. As good as the moonwalking bear? [twitterer]


UK Police have been criticised for needing training on using bikes on patrol. I'd have thought it's normal for police to be trained on all types of equipment that they are expected to use in their duties.

Bike wars!

Bike wars rage in Sydney [twitterer]


Manta Saddle: bike seat, cheese grater or dish rack? So crazy, it just might work. (It was reviewed by citycycling [Thanks @JohntheMonkey])

Random act of violence

A woman was injured recently in Perth by a tripwire strung across a shared path while training for a triathlon. She talked about the incident in a radio interview [Windows Media, 9MB].

I completely fail to comprehend the state of mind of anyone who would commit such a random act of violence.

A ride's a ride and a bike's a bike

In Mountain Bikes: Who Needs Them? Chris Kostman argues that by taking your road bike off-road "You'll actually have the nerve to venture down a trail that you discover while out road riding. In fact, you'll quit even thinking of 'road rides' or 'dirt rides.' A ride's a ride and a bike's a bike. It's what you make of them that counts." [via RBR's Newsletter]

A fine tradition continues

New Finds from Sheldon's Secret Cellar:

For decades, Sheldon's masterful mechanical skills transformed discarded and disused bicycles and components into splendid examples of artistry and style -- and into practical, useful transportation and joyful recreation for him, his family, friends and customers.

NOW it's your turn!

Unspeakably brilliant. [via Chainguard]

Change here

Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!


Top 10 Benefits of Bicycle Commuting Programs for Businesses

Fundamental errors of fact

Chris James Executive Manager – Communications and Public Affairs for the Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) reckons he's got support for bicycle registration. If he thinks that worn out ol' idea is going to fly, he's at best badly informed and at worst delusional. And speaking of badly informed, how's this?

Road users have paid for these roads via fuel taxes and steep registration fees, which also include a component for third-party insurance.

No. They. Don't. Fuel excise and vehicle registration do not pay for the roads. End of story.

For someone who claims to deal with transport policy, he's remarkable ill-informed.

[via I Pay Road Tax]

Nutjobs again

Gnarliest Street Race: "Right, now we're on the church roof…" Fuck yeah. [twitterer]

Sod it

The Osijco moment: A crisis that all cyclists must face.

Getting wood

Xylon Bikes:

Xylon Bikes is a project that revolves around the development and production of wooden bicycles.

Check out the models available. [Thanks tom]

Urban design

How's that saying go again?

A woman needs a fish like a man needs a bicycle or something like that. [twitterer]

Reading matter

London Cyclist's round-up of cycling magazines.

Getting edgy

Tom Vanderbilt notes some research on driver behaviour that found that "there were more aggressive events recorded at the beginnings and ends of journeys."

You know where you can stick your bottle

Karl asks Why have just a bottle cage?

Then again, you could just use your budgie smugglers


Dave Moulton's bike is a time machine to him.

No comment

briancurlee tweets this Bicycle 3-Way, about which I have absolutely nothing to say.

Wacky races, bad consequences

It's only a matter of time before boy racers on shared pathways cause someone serious injury.



Again with the bicycle registration. I would like it if every time some ill-informed motorist advocate mentions that oft-refuted idea, the cycling community made a call for compulsory helmets for motorists and passengers. Do you think it'll happen?