Ah, yes the Wacky Races—I'm pretty certain this is the transcript of a real conversation…
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Bikes and beer, what's not to love?

Brew Your Own:

This spring, while you're inflating your tires, checking your brakes and getting ready for riding season, why not brew a bicyle-themed clone brew? Put the pedal to the metal with six brews from six bike-loving breweries.

[Thanks Doc Homebrew]

Meanwhile, the perfect combination has been discovered in Colorado: beer and bikes.


Straight (Bar) Lacing:

distributes pressure evenly plus keeps the knots & ends to the side. For hiking / bushwalking, position the knots on the inside, away from snagging undergrowth. For biking / cycling, position them on the outside, away from chains & cranks.

10 minute endurance

10 minutes of fast sprints beat 10 hours of cycling, but then there is the question of getting your arse used to your saddle… [twitterer]

Audax insults Rochester

There's unrest in Oppy's home town that Audax isn't finishing the Fleche Opperman All Day Trial at Rochester this year—but I bet heaps of teams will still be riding across to take team photos in front of Sir Hubert's statue. [via audax-oz]

In the meedya


Did I win? Yeah mate, you won—Funniest Home Videos, that is. [thanks woowoowoo]


Keith Dunstan, still cycling in his 80s. Respect.

Not even a contender

I'd ask you to nominate me for the Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards but there isn't a category for "Contribution to cycling by a bullshit artist with a blog". CPF, please do something about this next year.

2009 Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards

Call that a rack?

Now that's a bike rack! [twitterer]

I hate these guys

Follow Me MTB video. I hate them all (in a good way).

And I'm not so keen on these guys either. Bloody smartypantses.

"A bit grippy"

Joby Gorillabike. As Phil Liggett might say, things are getting a bit grippy there.

Giving it away

Free bike help + advice [twitterer]

Flying Pigeons

Deluxe Flying Pigeon Bicycles—gorgeous!


Barry-Roubaix : The Killer Gravel Road Race [twitterer]

Beware of unintended consequences

UK's NHS trial offers people money to lose weight:

If people cannot be persuaded to stop smoking/lose weight/get more exercise for their own good - then why not pay them to do so?

Umm, because of the Law of Unintended Consequences and perverse incentives, perhaps?



Get back in the kitchen

Stake your claim

Lego Repair Man

Bicycle Repair Man:

- "Oh look... is it a stockbroker?"
 - "Is it a quantity surveyor?"
 - "Is it a church warden?"
 - "NO! It's Bicycle Repair Man!"


The truth about speeding

Association of British Nutters says speed limits kill.



"Contribution to cycling by a bullshit artist with a blog".


Certainly can't promise anything, but tweaking the categories i.e.: ""Contribution to community cycling networks by a online or social media platform" could cover such bullshittery.

Touching upon to the subject of BEWARE OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, a certain long running Adelaide case could have just that. Sometimes, when a lot of bad shit goes down, some people move beyond angry. They stop being ranty, go a bit quiet and start to meticulously research why a legal process may not really be a justice system.



That Wheel Suckers video is hot! I see that guy too often on my way to work! I swear this guy does it to me every time we're sharing the same stretch of road!

Most days I'm riding my Xtracycle to work, It's attached to a pretty chunky old Raleigh mountain bike. Anyway the first time I saw this guy I nodded and said hi... He's a pretty lean fella, nothing but sinew and muscle and rides some slick looking road racer, anyway he ignored me totally and just let me pass him and then snuck in behind. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to keep a good pace hoping he'd take his turn in front... Actually at the time I thought my heart would knock a hole right through my chest I was riding so hard... (Pride...) Anyway we rode along a 3km stretch and he never gave me a break... when I lost the energy to keep up the pace he just powered straight past me and left me for dead! The next time I saw him he did the same thing! I couldn't believe it! It happened about 4 or 5 times before I finally decided to just slow right down until he was forced to overtake me. I try to remember to do this whenever he comes near me... I've dubbed him the Parasite and my lip starts to curl when I see him on the road. I've occasionally thought of pulling some v.spy.v.spy action on him like dropping a bunch of ball bearings from my pannier or spraying him with oil or something mean like that... but I've found it just as rewarding to slow down and enjoy the ride.