Strict Liability

"Car drivers should be aware…that they are in a machine that could kill and that they should behave responsibly…"

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Well, they are called potholes…

Cyclist's flower power spreads the love after potholes bloom in icy weather. See also Pete Dungey's photos of his gardening work. Very, very cool. [twitterer]

Sense of security

Wondermark 595 In which All is safe [thanks flipsockgrrl]

Scoffing at "scofflaw cyclists"

Let's Stop Blaming "Scofflaw Bicyclists".


9 Tips to a Safer Ride [twitterer]

Best. Comment. Ever.

I don't usually read the comments sections of newspaper websites, as they tend to be the gathering place of knuckle-dragging neaderthals, but I did chance upon this little gem by "Brighton Snob" (February 10, 2010, 8:24AM), in response to an article about new weekend parking restrictions on Beach Road:

This is outrageous. Everyone knows roads are for parking cars on, how else do you explain the Monash freeway? And it's not right that all the millionaires living along beach road be required to share their [road?] with peasants, after all its their money that lobbies the government to force poor people to pay more taxes to fix the roads. Bicycle riders should know their proper place, the ditch on the side of the road. Furthermore, as someone that once saw a bicyclist jaywalk, I am an expert and can confidently assert that all bicyclists are rapists.

I think the debate ended just there.

Fixie. Hipster. 'nuff said.

All You Haters (Suck My Balls).

Retribution, served cold

When a slap on the wrist is better than a slap on the bonnet.

On being seen

The Invisible Cyclist: Part I and The Invisible Cyclist: Part I. Nice work again from Dave Moulton.

Mmm, curvy

10 Coolest Roads To Ride.

Go this way

Seattle shows how to cross railroad tracks on bikes, using sharrows and signage to guide cyclists onto the right angle.


Super Tuesday Bicycle Count is on Tuesday 2 March this year.

Enduring a bonk

The Science Behind Bonking.


OK, a few months behind on the news, but for the record the Burwood Highway pedestrian bridge is finally open.

The mind wanders

Group Ride Math. [twitterer]

It's just like the Brownlows

Nominations are open for the Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards.

Exclamation point

"There it hung— a bicycle built for two, an exclamation point to her lonesome heart." [thanks flipsockgrrl]