As I mentioned earlier, wet roads are a bit of a novelty in Melbourne these days. And the rain brings with it water hazards on the trails, both expected…

The underpass at Glenferrie Road, inundated with flood water.

At the Glenferrie Rd underpass, the Gardiners Creek Trail always gets inundated at the slightest fall of rain—although this was a bit higher than usual.

…and slightly unexpected…

The path at Loys Paddock, half-covered by water.

A blocked drain floods the path at the bottom of Loys Paddock on the Main Yarra Trail.



Wow, looks like a snorkel is needed when cycling. :)

Treadly and Me

And possibly a face mask! One thing I didn't mention is that the creeks and rivers absolutely stank—probably weeks of rotten debris from gutters and drains suddenly liberated into the waterways. Ee-www.