I don't do many product reviews, partly because I'm not convinced that anyone gives a damn what I think about anything. But mostly because I'm too lazy. That might have a bit to do with it.

Anyways, the product I'd like to recommend you is the CanTeen bandanna. And as it's coming up to National Bandanna Day, they will be pretty easy to come by in various retail outlets and from volunteer sellers.

Now, I bear in mind that the Hungry Beasts have recently pointed out that awareness weeks might be a bit bullshit, so I don't recommned the CanTeen bandanna for any charitable reasons. If you want to get one to show support, go for it:

The money raised from National Bandanna Day goes towards CanTeen's programs, camps and services, which are designed to bring young people living with cancer together in a safe and supportive environment. In this environment, CanTeen Members learn about the emotional, physical and practical issues of cancer and how to deal with these in their lives.

However, I don't get them to show support—I buy them because I like them and find them comfortable and useful. I regularly wear one under my helmet, in a straight triangle fold. As a product they do exactly what I want:

  • protect from the sun in summer

  • keep my head (and ears!) warm in winter

  • stop sweat from running into my eyes on longer rides

  • hold back light falls of rain

They are also handy for wiping greasey hands on after roadside repairs. I've also been known to use mine as a handkerchief (but the less said about that the better).

There was a time when I think they skimped a bit on size but with the ones I bought last week I noticed that this seems to have been rectified and they easily fit around my odd-shaped head. They are a nice stiff cotton, admittedly not much good for keeping your head warm in cold, cold rain but otherwise that's an excellent material for the purpose. This year has some cool and colourful designs. Apparently the smiley face pattern has been popular, in fact I'm still waiting for mine.

Seriously, a year or two back I went and bought a couple of non-CanTeen bandannas down at the market. They cost the same but weren't nearly as good—too small and thinner fabric. So for $3 a throw, I'm back to the genuine article and happy. And yeah, I'm also showing support.