'Frances Benjamin Johnston, self-portrait, dressed as a man with false mustache.'

'Frances Benjamin Johnston, self-portrait, dressed as a man with false mustache.'


Frances Benjamin Johnston:

Circa 1890. "Frances Benjamin Johnston, self-portrait, dressed as a man with false mustache." The Washington, D.C., photographer was one of the first women to rise to prominence in the profession.

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I'm fashionable, again

I don't know much about fashion, but I know what I like. I also know that if you do just about anything for long enough (with perhaps a few notable exceptions, such as masturbation or genocide), it eventually becomes fashionable. Or, indeed, fashionable again*. [And so it is with g][].

* That said, I can't really see the mullet or stone-washed stretch denim making a big comeback any time soon. But then again, who can comprehend the addled minds of the trend-setting elite?

Road trip, anyone?

The World's most spectacular roads—some good cycling to be had in some of these places, I reckon.

The evidence

Bristol City Council provides evidence on the benefits of cycling and walking:

Key evidence from peer-reviewed literature, often from a public health evidence base is being used to strengthen the case for current policies and practice

Presented as "Essential Evidence on a page", so far there are 28 s—this looks like an excellent resource! [via walkit.com[

Let's get physics

Are gyroscopic effects significant when riding a bicycle?

Utter bloody disregard


The war on error

The war on bicyclism is a just war:

"... if you asked which killed more people in the last 10 years in London, international terrorism, or bicycles, the answer would definitely be bicycles"

Bike lanes squeezed

Cycle lanes encourage motorists to drive closer to bikes:

Cycle lanes can make roads more dangerous for cyclists because they encourage motorists to drive closer when overtaking bicycles, a study has found.

Drivers give cyclists a wider berth on roads where there is no lane because they assume that they should share the road and make more allowance for the risk of wobbles.

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This is not the first time such a theory has been proposed—see: [The of Cycle Lanes on Cyclists' Road Space][] [PDF] by the Warrington Cycle Campaign. And Dr Ian Walker's overtaking study is not a million miles away either.

In Chicago, we share the road

Chicago police training video promotes bicycle safety, respect

Google check

Fritz does a little reality check on ["student killed riding bike to "][] vs "student killed driving to school".


Bicyclist access to freeways, controlled-access toll

highways, and toll bridges [PDF]:

The danger to bicyclists is overwhelmingly concentrated at intersections, driveways, and other places where traffic patterns cross. Elimination of cross traffic and the reduction of turning maneuvers are among the features that make freeways so safe for motor traffic. These same advantages benefit bicyclists, and many surface streets are more dangerous than freeway shoulders.

Dressing for the conditions

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes." The basic winter bicycling clothing temperature table may help in this regard.


Vintage bicycle ads—as twitterer put it "Ideas for your next bike".


Disabled Riders Show How It's Done At Ae Forest [twitterer]




Lightweight camping

Screw a house, I'm buying a camper bike. [twitterer]


Surly Dave

An honour to be quoted!

Somehow I think I'll be messing around with bikes a while yet!

Treadly and Me

I've no doubt about that.

(And in any case, you're so very quotable.)

The danger to bicyclists is overwhelmingly concentrated at intersections, driveways, and other places where traffic patterns cross.

I concur. I ride up Blackburn road several times a week, where there are semi-trailers and cars doing the mad dash to and from work. A number of people have suggested that I should ride on the footpath for safety, and I've pointed out that that would mean I was riding across the traffic, not with it, as they pull in and out of all the industrial estates. For the most part the only part of the trip that makes me a bit nervous is riding across the freeway entrance.

Its also why I think the bike path down the middle of Wellington/North rd between Monash and Huntingdale stations is madness - it constantly crosses the turning lanes through the middle of the divider, and you have to cross traffic to get to it and off it.

Treadly and Me

Oh yeah, I knew about but hadn't noticed the bike path in the centre of North Rd previously but I was stopped at the traffic light at Clayton Rd last week and I saw someone riding along the median strip, and crossing the intersection from the middle. I thought, "What the hell is that idiot doing?" Then I realised he was doing just what the bike path was suggesting he do.