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Places best seen on two wheels

Breaking away on two wheels in Asia

Yep, they're loco


…two bicycles joined together with a solid aluminium frame with four little polyurethane wheels attached.

The wheels then lock the bicycles to the railway tracks and away you go.

Dis and dat

Disraeli Gears "This site is all about rear derailleur gears." It's surprisingly interesting and all the gadgets themselves are rather well photographed.


The four corners

Dave Gorman was in Cornwall the other day:

I'm cycling between Britain's four corners. From the southernmost point of the mainland to the easternmost to the westernmost to the northernmost. If that wasn't hard enough I'm going to be doing a full on one man show each night. I can't help thinking that after 50 or 60 miles in the saddle I should be lying down in a darkened room with a drip feed of carbs and protein.

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I have made my views about smartypants showoffs before!



Can bikes and cars share the road?

Vertical turn

It's an easy ride down this hill, but a tough climb back up. [via noupe]

Dang, missed out again

5 cycling blogs you should start reading today.

Potent symbol

Adrian Short argues that the helmet is a symbole of everything that stops cycling being "convenient, cheap, safe, accessible, fun and sustianable":

It's not possible to uninvent the bicycle but if Shadowy Forces wanted to minimise the number of people cycling so as to benefit their Evil Agenda they'd probably want to chip away at all the things that make cycling potentially great so as to diminish the whole experience. If you can't ban it, knacker it.

Kinda supports the argument: [12 Cool Urban Bicycles Ready to Replace Car][]—you don't get much change out of 000 on most of these, and often pay more than that.

Penny farthing decimalised

YikeBike: Penny Farthing Bicycle Gets All Modern, Electric And Small. Is it even a bicycle at all? I mean, where do you pedal? [thank tom]

What was I thinking?

September 2006. I remember it well—just like it were…ummm…three years ago. Anyway, what was on my mind back then?


Utility cycling means hauling it

On hauling large items with a bicycle

Test yourself

Name That Road Sign [via [How We e][]]

Two hours a day in the car

Paul Connolly on living in suburban sprawl:

Getting anywhere pretty much requires a car trip. We now spend up to two hours every day in the car. That used to be free time. It's got to the point where I look for my car keys when I'm off to the toilet.


Stop right now

Inspiration Intersection:

Physically, a stop sign's simple command requires a cyclist to discard all the momentum we've worked so hard to achieve. This message is especially insulting when the sign stands between the hill you've just descended and the hill you're about to ascend. While many cyclists relish the challenge and suffering that only a good, long climb can provide, we also appreciate the assistance that momentum offers.


Simon N

Entertaining as always.

Wouldn't worry too much about not being on that 5 blogs list. Appears that 'Using Bicycles' is a 'paylancer' blog for Amazon. Note that about half of the posts over the history of the blog link to Amazon sold products. I understand the need to make a living, and appreciate they don't COMPLETELY bury the fact (see the paylancer link in the header), but it's a bit weak nonetheless.

Especially the 'buy two crappy locks and zip-tie them together' bit. Overstocked much?

Anyway, thanks for again taking the leg-work out of my procrastination. :)

Treadly and Me

Nah, I'm not worried--I've never been much good at popularity contests! If a few people read and respond, I'm happy.