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I will leave this video to speak for itself, but offer a few comments:

  • Clearly, many bike lanes are woefully inadequate, if not outright dangerous, and merely force cyclists into the door zone. Case-in-point, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne:

Elizabeth St bike lane is narrow and completely within the door zone

Elizabeth St bike lane: door zone

  • It's important to remember that cyclists who sit right on the outside edge of the bike lane are merely trying to limit their exposure to being doored—they are not trying to antagonise motorists.

  • What to do if you get doored—although prevention is better, it's seems timely to repeat this link, from the previous speedlink collection.



Wot? Do you mean someone uses those "death lanes"? I wouldn't even wish those on Harry Barber.

Treadly and Me

Even to this day, yes they do. Very sad and very, very dangerous.


And in Copenhell lanes, there's no escape from the door, unless you can kerb hop.

Treadly and Me

And you'd need to have lightning reflexes to pull off a kerb hop to avoid a door suddenly flung open.