Who doesn't love to see a bride on a bike?


Why people cycle?

Going Dutch

Surly Long Haul Dutch Bike. [twitterer]

Decca didn't sign the Beatles…

Launch of the Brompton, 1987: 'a sad sign of the times':

And in 1987, Peter Lumley, editor of a British bicycle trade magazine, said the newly-introduced Brompton shouldn't win a 'best of show' prize because – a 'sad sign of the times' - it was just a bike "you fold up and chuck in a car boot."

Hit the mark but missed the point.

Bill Posters will be

Not sure how I missed this post on bicycle posters, but happy to be pointed in the right direction by velorution.

The natural

Cycling's one-in-a-million story:

Little more than a year ago, Evelyn Stevens was just another associate on Wall Street, working 50-hour weeks with an investment fund and trying to stay in shape by sneaking the occasional jog.

Then she bought a bike.


Live long and pedal

Dave Moulton says cyclists live longer.

Hating urban sprawl

Melbourne's empty nests:

The Government says more than half of 600,000 homes built in the next 20 years will be in established areas, perhaps on some of the sites The Age has identified. Yet there is no commitment to build infill housing before building new suburbs on Melbourne's fringes. And developers are flooding to those fringes, where many consider development easier.

Much more could be done to compel developers to make smarter use of existing land, experts say.

It seems odd that there's such a gold rush to greenfield development when renewed or new inner urban sites are always going to be more valuable and more saleable. Greenfield is clearly easier and cheaper to do.

Reasons to oppose safe passing laws

San Antonio Express News reports that in Texas

The father of a driver accused of killing two bicyclists last summer recently urged Gov. Rick Perry to veto a bill that generally would have required motorists to give vulnerable road users more space when passing them.

Talk about insensitive.

"I never really thought about it being something that was going to be public. It was probably not a wise thing to do in retrospect," Bain said.

We've got ourselves a really deep thinker there.

More at Texas Politics. [twitterer]

Some explanation required

Shooting a cyclist in the head is not attempted murder, apparently. No, I can't work it out either.

What is he on about?

What is The Age's columnist Geoff Strong on about?

Like Britain's Light Brigade, which charged into the annals of military disaster, and turgid poetry, in the mid-19th century Crimean War, the charge along Beach Road and any other Melbourne thoroughfare can be a grim, joyless affair.

Out of that mangled prose I extract that he thinks Melbourne's cyclists aren't having fun. Pffft! I know damned well that my cycling isn't some "grim, joyless affair". There are some good responses over at Melbourne Cyclist.

What a performance

Skinny white guy with shaved legs attempts hippity-hop music.


[via Wend, Sydney Body Art Ride, twitterer, and all the others. Yeah, it's been everytwhere—I'm last to post, again.]


Beetroot juice 'boosts stamina' [twitterer]


It's the law

Scofflaw cyclists



Open Road Gallery:

Every summer, here at Adventure Cycling, we enjoy the parade of bicycle travelers who drop by our office here in Missoula, Montana. These cyclists come from all over the world. Their variety of style, equipment, route, and purpose is endless.

Light me up

Regular link to

It's getting to the point that it's almost easier for me to say, "See…"

The Doors

What to do if you get doored—advice from [Transportation Magazine][]

That's a joke, right?

Seriously, I don't know much about bike racing but this strikes me as a bit odd: Mountain biker wins road race on his hardtail—complete with knobbly tyres. [via]


Bike Shop Girl

Thanks for the link up! How did you find

Treadly and Me

No worries.

In all honesty, I just stumbled on your blog but don't remember how. My speedlink entries are generated from about ten minutes per day checking various feeds and sites, and a few people also send me suggestions. Generally I include my sources, except when it's something that I found in general browsing, which must be how I found Bike Shop Girl.