If it's one thing I really can't stand it's a smart arse


City cycling

How to bicycle safely in the city [twitterer]

Hauling cargo

There are utility cargo bikes, like the Madsen or the Mundo, and then there are utility cargo bikes!



Yehuda awakes

"'Yeduha Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery' returns June 17". Woohoo!

Breakaway sprints not allowed

According to Telegraph.co.uk

Close to 200 prisoners will take to the open roads as they cycle around France [this] month in the first penal version of the Tour de France, though they will be accompanied by scores of guards on bicycles…

"It's a kind of escape for us, a chance to break away from the daily reality of prison," said Daniel, a 48-year-old prisoner in the western city of Nantes, at the official launch of the event…

"This project aims to help these men re-integrate into society by fostering values like effort, teamwork and self-esteem," said Sylvie Marion of the prison authority.

Avoiding trouble

Check the sixth, seventh and eighth photos in this photo set from the 2009 Clarendon Cup—how does rider no. 163 stay out of trouble?

Oh yeah, and there are some really exciting shots there.

Inviting trouble

There goes this nutter with his jet-powered bike again…

Another beauty contest I didn't win

Top 50 cycling blogs. Dang, I must've come in at number 51…or not.