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Melbourne Bicycle Chick

The Melbourne Northside Ladies Bicycle Calendar is coming out again in 2009:

Our aim was to promote cycling in a way that was removed from the purely "athletic" imagery often associated with this mode of transport.

Previews of the calendar shots are available on the web site and I've got to say, they look great.

Proceeds go to the Cancer Council Victoria.

That just doesn't look comfortable

The Valetudo is tricycle made from recycled plastic. Fair enough, but it doesn't look very comfortable. [thanks tom]

Shared trail upgrade: Merri Creek

Shared Trail improvements - Rushall Station to High Street, North Fitzroy

Something useful!

Shock! Something useful was mentioned on the Audax-Oz mailing list: Old Man Mountain Bike Racks: "Rear racks to fit the most outrageous bike."


  • What is it about DIY bike hackers and wood? Personally, I think it's great. Exhibit A: [WOOD.HANDLE.BAR](http://www.woodhandlebar.com/).
  • Convert supermarket plastic bags into a messenger bag:

    [via [makezine.com](http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2007/06/make_a_messenger_bag_out_1.html)]
  • [DIY LED Dyno Bike Lights](http://michaelcarden.net/blog/?p=125)
  • [DIY Helmet Mounted Nokia N95](http://bludja.blogspot.com/2008/11/helmet-mounted-nokia-n95.html) makes pretty good video. [via [Melbourne Cyclist](http://www.melbournecyclist.com/profiles/blogs/helmet-mounted-cameras-cheap)]

The cycling look…not!

I don't look like a cyclist!

Your Swanston

Earlier this week I was approached in Swanston St by a woman in an orange T-shirt promoting yourswanston.com.au, a Bicycle Victoria page:

We are troubled that two candidates in the Melbourne City Council elections 2008 are running on a platform to put private motor vehicles back into Swanston Street.

To reopen the street to private motor vehicles now would wreck the benefits of all that investment and improvement and turn Swanston Street back into the infamous traffic sewer it once was.

Just a mo

The Mo Bros of Team Treadly and Me aren't doing facial hair for Movember this year, but we heartily recommend that you throw in a few bucks; it's an excellent cause:

Prostate Cancer: because every year 2,900 Australian men die of prostate cancer - equivalent to the number of women who die from breast cancer annually.

Depression in Men: because one in six men suffer from depression at any given time but most don't seek help.

Please support it—you can donate online.



I just want to make an important qualification on the statistic that every year the same number of men die of prostate cancer as there are women dying of breast cancer. I'm not disputing it, and obviously it is a sad statistic, but the typical age of onset for women is much, much lower I think.


I like the video