On Saturday I whipped across to Wangaratta for the "Cafe au Lait, S'il Vous Plait" brevet organised by Audax. I did the Yarrawonga and Beechworth loops for 200km.

Here's a dozen impressions of the day:

  • little green parrots flitting through the lower bushes, galahs and sulphur-crested cockatoos bursting from the higher branches (sometimes in mixed flocks), and spoonbills and ibis

  • a completely unanticipated descent out of the northern Warby Ranges (and zooming across the plains for ages at the bottom) and an anticipated descent from Beechworth

  • a scrumptious apple cake at Yarrawonga

  • a battle of the Celts in Beechworth (the Irish Dancers vs the Scottish Pipe Band in the main street)

  • solitude and wildflowers on the rail trail to Beechworth

  • puddles in the otherwise parched streets of Yarrawonga

  • dry farm dams between Wangaratta and Yarrawonga

  • quiet country roads and the good manners of the vast majority of motorists

  • a cold Blue Tongue at the end of the ride

  • good company all day

  • favourable breezes and fair skies

  • a strange hankering for a cheese sandwich on plain white bread in the last hour

I'd highly recommend this ride. With it's choice of distances and varied and interesting countryside, it's a winner. Most importantly, riders are also never too far from a coffee stop—a vital ingredient for a successful ride in my book!


Charlie B.

Good call. I've got some mates trying to talk me into the Alpine Classic, but given that I'm at the tennis the day before and Big Day Out the day after, I'd be mad to try that this year. But I've made it a target for the following year. And my recumbent associates inform me that most of the brevets and Audax Australia generally are a lot more 'bent friendly than the BV rides like the ATBIAD are, so it'll be nice to have the option of steed.

My Giant flat-bar was pretty good on the 'round the Bay, though, so that'll do for my next couple of rides.

I'll drop you an email when I'm doing a ride - be good to finally meet for a natter at some point.

Treadly and Me

Yeah, I reckon you should Charlie. But maybe just go and try a few rides first. A few other recommendations coming up soon:

  • 15 Nov: Pyrenees Magic (Avoca)—a very popular 100k
  • 23 Nov: Indigo Classic (Beechworth) or The Bellarine (Geelong)—rides between 50k and 200k
  • 6 Dec: Jump the Gun (Maryborough)—rides between 100k and 600k

More info on these in the rides calendar.

Here's the Audax membership info.

Treadly and Me

Am not touching that first remark with a bargepole!

But yes, I really did enjoy it.

Charlie B.


OK. I really need to do some more rides, and that looks like a good one. I should really join Audax, shouldn't I....


I hope you took your reflective ankle strap and spare light mounts!

Sounds like a fun ride though.