You only get one shot

[Video from Melbourne Cyclist]

It sounds like last weekend's Eastlink Ride was tons o' fun. Organisers only have one shot to get events like this right, and it sounds like it was something of a shemozzle.

Here's another video of the ride (time lapse this time) picked up at A woman and a fixed wheel.

I share this secret

I Have a Secret:

But here's the big secret: bike commuting is no sacrifice at all. As a matter of fact, I often feel a pang of guilt for doing it. It's so much fun, and I derive so many benefits from it (health, wealth, serenity) that my subconscious mind assumes I must be cheating, that I must be doing something bordering on the unethical or illegal

But if having fun isn't enough, here are [17 Reasons Why Bicycles Are Most Popular Vehicle in the World Today][].

Dave Moulton, Mythbuster

Dispelling the myth: cycling just ain't as dangerous as people think.

Urban planning

  • In SMH:

    When the Danish urban designer Thomas Ermacora sat down to study global bicycle culture, he began by making a world map of cycling capitals. Unfortunately, Australia didn't make the grade.

    "Australia doesn't really have a cycling city," he says.

    According to Ermacora, whose love of bicycles began as a child, cycling cultures in cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam are multilayered. "Even if you threw money at making cycle lanes, it wouldn't create a bike culture on its own," he says. It's a holistic approach that makes the difference, starting with encouraging children to ride, providing lanes for them when they are adults and making cycling attractive, he says.

  • Frankston Council is planning "a comprehensive study of traffic, parking, pedestrian, cycling and public transport issues."

  • Cyclists want better South Rd deal in Adelaide.

  • Blackburn resident calls for more bicycle funding

A considerable distance from my reality

I nearly fell of my chair when I saw this thread on "Anyone Packing Heat?"

Ive been tempted a few times but havent yet. But im curious anyone packing a pistol when they ride?

I.e a 22 compact, or snub 38? anything larger is too heavy for the jersey pockets.

Who-oa! That is so far from my reality—it's never come within 100 miles of crossing my mind. I notice the thread has been closed—I guess he copped a bit of heat about that?

Listen to the music

The Bike Speaker lets you listen to your music and still hear the sound of traffic. Oh yeah, and you can put your keys in it too. [via]

Vote 1 Audax Alpine Classic

From audax-oz:

The Alpine Classic has been nominated by a member of the public as a favourite Victorian tourism experience in the RACV on-line poll. The trick is to be included amongst the top 101 attractions.

We are currently listed at 311 with 2 votes, but it's early days, the poll is open until mid August.

If you would like to get the Alpine ahead of the Abbotsford Convent and even the "Round the Bay Ride" visit and follow the link to "Victoria 101" and cast your vote. Unlike the Federal election you can get family & friends to vote, or you can simply not vote at all.

Bike shop attitude

Seen in a SMH article:

I researched bikes at eight shops. If you end up bewildered by the choice, don't follow my lead and ask: "What bike would you recommend for me?" I asked it once, and the reply was: "If you don't mind me saying, that's a stupid question."

Actually, I do mind you saying. No, that's not a stupid question, it's a perfectly reasonable one, even though the author let the salesman off the hook:

The guy was right. How would he know my needs? The bike buyer's first job is to decide on the use - commuting, racing, off-road mountaineering, touring or recreation.

And the salesperson's first job is to help the potential buyer decide. If someone in a bike shop spoke to me like that, they wouldn't see any more of my money. In fact, people in bike shops have spoken to me with similar attitude, and guess what? They haven't seen any more of my money.


  • Uglify your bike: looking crappy as a security device.
    [Thanks tom]

  • Build your own wooden recumbent. Whoa!

    These bikes are simple to build, ordinary hand tools are all that is required. No welding and no chopped bike parts are needed. Only a single small machining task.

  • The Brass Lion-Steampunk Recumbent, including brass lamps. This has to be seen to be believed.



packin' ... like this you mean?

Treadly and Me

Yeah. But no.


Experience with the gun topic online suggests the only viable option is to back away and not make eye contact. There's just such a huge cultural divide between people who think its normal to carry a gun and people who think is abnormal that you really can't have a sensible conversation about it. Everyone is happier if it doesn't become an argument :)


Canberra is a cycling city, and has been since at least the 1980s when I lived there :-) The average now-you-see-him-now-he's-heading-for-the-airport International Expert just doesn't get to see what's happening on the off-road bike paths. The inner-city hotel I stayed at recently offered a bike hire service -- cheaper and more fun than renting a car!