Bike accessories give insights

Studio Forbes uses differences in headlights, seats and other bike accessories to gain "insights about local design, history, technology, [and] use of materials". Recommended reading.

The right answer

Yehuda Moon explains how to shave some weight off your frame.

Abbotsford is biggering

I dropped in at Abbotsford Cycles recently and found that they're getting bigger. They've taken over the shop next door (previously a graffitti supplies store) and are busily expanding into the extra space. Hopefully this means they'll be able to hold and display more stock. I like the friendly clutter of their shop, but Peter recently sheepishly admitted to me that not even he knows where everything is in the shop. So the extra space has got to be a good thing.


Rate My Bicycle looks an awful lot like the Hot-or-Not of bike pr0n. And if you want to get hands-on about it, try the your bike is hot spoke cards.

Cycling is better than jogging

Well, we already knew this:

It seems to me that cycling is the best bet for anyone trying to burn calories and loose [sic] weight. There is far less stress on knee and hip joints, and the harder you push yourself the greater the reward in calories burned.


But I don't really care about that. For someone whose attention span is as short as mine, it's important that the scenery changes fairly quickly—so cycling wins.

DIY bike videos

How to make your own bike videos. Hmm, those cameras look both precarious and preposterous, but if it works who am I to question it?

DIY bike stand

PVC pipe is handy stuff.

DIY everything

Fettling—the online resource for people who like tinkering with bicycles (and who doesn't?)

To bike lane or not bike lane

Bill Chidley of offers the latest comment in the never-ending discussion about the wisdom or otherwise of bike lanes.

Compare 'bent and upright

Seems like a pretty fair comparison table of upright vs recumbent bikes.

Not waving, riding

cfsmtb says, Smile you miserable bastards. Is cycling really that serious?

Specialized gets a wrist-slap from Jakob

I find it a little hard to reconcile the slightly podgy web usability "guru" Jakob Nielsen with hardcore off-road cycling, nevertheless in his recent Alertbox he's given Specialized a big thumbs down for the Suspension Sciences section of its web site. (He's right—usability-wise, it sucks.) And I'm puzzled as to why you'd use a museum metaphor (complete with glass cases = dusty old relics) to present your cutting-edge technology…

Stop hitting me!

"Dear drivers…" [via It's about the bike]

Photo credit: Love the Bicycle Anarchy by Peter Chen on Flickr.