Momentum on Melbourne

Melbourne is the feature city in issue 31 of Momentum, and includes interviews with former Ride On editor [Melissa h][] and fyxomatosis dude Andy White.

Bike loses commuter challenge!

But it is about 80km from Mandurah to Perth, so what do you expect? Now if he took his bike on the train…

Shared space or a free kick to bullies?

Of course, shared space rocks or does it? What does happen when the novelty of shared space wears off? [via Commuting by bicycle]

A meeting of (cycling) minds

At Interbike Tim Grahl grabbed three prominent cycling minds and tossed around ideas on how to get more bums onto bike seats. A grab from Brad Quartuccio:

I think part of it is changing the vocabulary of what's being talked about in a [bike] shop when you walk in. And, as Tim said, Shimano in their Coasting group is a great step in that direction. It's not talking about efficiency, it's not talking about speed, it's not convincing people that they need to do intervals, it's not talking about shaving your legs and going for a ride; it's talking about having fun on your bike, on this bike that's really comfortable, that you just cruise on. And that will create who we're talking about, that gets people onto a bike, that gets them…out of the culture of racing. This isn't about racing. [Racers] are not who we need to sell bikes to, they're buying bikes, they're in.

Well worth a look. And remember "it's not about the stuff".

Gadgets and Gear

When I first saw the Safe Turn bike turning indicator I didn't know what to make of it: hopeless gimmick or handy gadget? Well I guess the only way to find out for sure is to get hold of one to try. Do you reckon they'd send me one to review? [Thanks Tom]

SheCycles poses the question: Which bra is right for you?

Move over

I swear I've seen something like this before: MyBikeLane, photos of bike lane violators. [via Drunkcyclist]

C'mon, let's ride

The Australian leg of the World Naked Bike Ride is on the weekend of 8 March, which appears to be the trend in Southern Hemisphere countries while Northern Hemisphere countries prefer June dates.



Respect to Lloyd Jones. Battling cancer for 6 years, break a shoe cleat 30km in that gets stuck in the pedal, fall and injur your hip and elbow and STILL make an 80km "commute" in 3 hours. Not only that, then ride back home at night after work. I don't care what the paper said, to me lloyd is the winner here.

And on the world naked bike ride, I think this would be just fantastic to promote cycling in Australia. All we need are a few more of such initiatives and more rush hour critical mass events!

Treadly and Me

Too right, it's a great story isn't it? How he managed to keep up the pace with a broken cleat…