VicRoads has got some "On-line interactive bicycle maps of Victoria".

Their web page says:

This mapping system provides up to date information on the location of completed bicycle routes throughout the state. The maps include details of the off-road path network and the on-road lane network in Melbourne and in regional Victoria as well as the Rail Trail network in regional Victoria.

The interactive maps allow you to:

  • find information on all bicycle networks right across the entire state,

  • view the maps at any scale you choose including Melways images in Melbourne,

  • print maps in colour and black and white with a title block and legend,

  • view the map backgrounds in colour and in black and white to accentuate the bicycle routes which are in colour,

  • measure the distance of any trips planned or taken,

  • search the maps using road names, suburbs and/or municipality names.

Good luck getting it to load though, it didn't work on my computer.



Update: the VicRoads "On-line interactive bicycle maps of Victoria' now work in browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Cool! Knock yourself out!